Fallen Soldier




We were up at our earliest yet, and were out of the campsite for 6.30 peddling off into the pre-dawn gloom.
Despite the early hour it was a good ride, the air cool in the absence of the sun and the roads all bu empty. The sun rise was awesome, a fiery red-yellow orb rising from the east.

We had 65 miles to Monesterio to cover before the heat became unbearable, and so endeavoured to set a good pace. We had covered about 20 miles when the dreaded sound of a spoke breaking came from Lewy’s back wheel – with no means of repair we had no choice but to push on. Another 5 miles went by before another ‘ping’ and another spoke. We have ridden with more broken spikes than that, but for some reason (I suspect the mechanic overtightened the spokes) the wheel was unridable, so badl out of true it contacted the frame. We had a chat on the side of the road, conscious that the heat free, usable morning hours were slipping by. In the end, Lewy made his way 2 miles back to a train station marked by the GPS, while me and sam pressed on intending to regroup in Seville.

As we rode on, sorry to have temporarily lost a memeber of the team, the sun rose in the sky and with it the temperature. For good measure, there was a wind against us, and we were climbing into the mountains making for a hard, sweaty slog. Matters were not helped by a puncture on Sam’s bike: by the time we reached Monesterio, we were exhausted and fell upon the supermarket in search of cold drinks. Thirst quenched, we spent the next hour comprise outside in the shade, before relocating to a bar where we spent the afternoon cooling off.

As it got cooler in the evening, we set off again, covering another 15 miles before picking a spot to wild camp, once more sleeping out under the stars.


6 thoughts on “Fallen Soldier

  1. HI Ed
    Thank you for your amazing blog and for keeping us all up to date with how you’re all doing. You’ve done brilliantly and it’s been so good to see photos of you all and the lovely scenery. I was trying to contact you after reading that you and Sam have split up from Lewis with no mention of whether you have met back up. While I was writing this I’ve just had my mind put at rest by Lewis phoning us from Seville. I hope tomorrow goes well for you and Sam and I’ll look forward to tomorrows report when I hope you’re all back together.
    Happy Birthday to Sam
    With Best Wishes
    Gwyn and Chris (Lewis’s Mum and Dad)

  2. Happy birthday Sam! Looks like you guys are making good progress but am sorry to hear about the wheel issues. Got some plans for when you get back, looking forward to some inspirational stories about your adventures. Hx

  3. Hi Edward,it sounds as if you are having a few problems ,as Grandad would say nothing that a good mechanic cant put right!!!! cycling in those temperatures cant be much fun. but you are doing well and it not too far now. and then its America here I come !!!!! another big adventure!! we are having Aunty Julie ,Helen and uncle Mark for a few days ,so we will be having some walks in our lovely Yorkshire Dales ,it will be a bit cooler than where you are William and Amy go to America in August who Knows you may be on the same flight .Take care now ,we love you Nana & Grandad xxxxx

  4. Hi Ed,
    So sorry to hear about Lewy, it must be very frustrating to keep having all these wheel problems. Looking at the map, I am guessing that you will be in Saville tomorrow, so hopefully you will all be able to make it to Gibraltar together. Say happy birthday to Sam, keep safe, you are so nearly there. Love you Mum xxx

  5. He Sammy
    Hope you had a great birthday and got my Happy Birthday text message yesterday!
    Thinking of you all the time.
    Love you

  6. PS Sam – Thank you for your text message to say you had reached Seville! I I was very relieved to receive it! Love Mumxxxx

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