Sam and I were up at 5.30, after a night’s wild camping that featured clouds of mosquitos and noisy dogs. I think it was almost definitely Sam’s earliest start on his Birthday – cycling off before dark certainly a change from the normal birthday routine.

It was a nice, cool twmperature when we set off, but the terrain was difficult – although we had summited the Picos de Aroche mountains just after Monesterio last night we still had a serious ammount of climbing to do this morning. Despite the challenging terrain we made great time, and had a spectacular view of the sunrise over the mountains. After 50 miles we made it into Seville for just after 9, coming into the city along a motorway, which was a bit hairy!

We had agreed to meet Lewy in the Plaza de Espania at midday so had a couple of hours to kill, spending the time at a café in the heart of the city. We met Lewy without a hitch, and went to collect his bike from the shop he’d dropped it off at: the mechanic was a Londoner, so we were able to adequately explain the problem – hopefully the fix will last to Gibraltar!

After lunch we booked into a hostel, as there was no campsite near the city centre. It was cheaper than some campsites we’ve had, and the air-con was awesome after sweating it out for the last couple of weeks. After a shower to strip off the dirt of the last couple of days we spent the night in Seville celebrating Sam’s birthday, and managed to track down some authentic Spanish paella. Getting into a cool room, and my first bed since I started was incredible – definitely a nice change!


3 thoughts on “Reunited

  1. HI Edward just read your last news we really felt for you what a change to be so comfortable it makes you realise all the home comforts we all enjoy!!!!! HHAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lewis he will remember this one well!!!!! Take care Love you , Nana & Grandadxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Ed,
    So glad you were able to celebrate Sam’s birthday in some style, and that you met up with Lewis without any problems. Hopefully it will be a straight forward homerun to gibraltar….some chance I can hear you saying!! Have forwarded details of your flight this evening, so hope you have got it all. Good luck with tomorrows cycling. Love Mum xxx

  3. Edwardo, So pleased it has worked well toward the end Hope the bikes all survive the last 100 odd miles — all down hill now—what a ride. Pleased you had some relaxing time before the final push Make sure you get a good phot of you all with the Rock in the background. Looking forward to seeing you this week so much. The girls are off this morning for a small break in Cornwall I am awaiting Mums arrival now to pick up Grandma. Its beans on toast for me for a few days!!! Take real good care on these last few miles. See you later
    All our love Grandma and Grandpa

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