We had a much needed lie-in this morning, and checked out of the hostel at 12.00, maximising our time in the cool. We managed to persuade the receptionist to keep our bikes safe for the day, leaving us unencumbered. Having done a bit of a walking tour of the city last night, we didn’t feel any need to venture far from the hostel, so strolled across the street for breakfast.

We spent most of the day in a café, playing pool on a free table appreciating the opportunity to stay cool. It wasn’t the most news-worthy day of the trip, but it was good to rest the legs and take some time off the bike.

At 7 we pressed on to a campsite 10 miles out of Seville. The temperature seems to be slightly cooler than it has been, so hopefully we’ll have a good nights sleep.

One thought on “Seville

  1. Hi Lewis
    I’m so glad you all met up ok and have had a good break together in Seville.
    Hope your bike is now ok and gets you to Gibralter with no more problems (fingers crossed)!
    Thinking of you all and looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Love you. Take care. Love Mum xx

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