A Day on the Beach




It was another early start for us this morning, up at half five, and out of the campsite for six thirty. It was cooler than it has been, with a heavy fog obscuring any pre-dawn light. We hadn’t been going for lon when the inevitable happened: Lewy broke another spoke, but the bike was ridable, and we pushed on – we only need it to last until Gibraltar!

Evan as the sun rose the fog lingered, the day remaining a hazy one. The weather didn’t improve the scenery – it was a fairly flat, monotonous ride interrupted by a few hills as we neared Jerez – not one for the history books! Still, we made good time, despite my getting a puncture as we were entering the city.

We ended the day at a campsite on the coast after 65 miles and seeing the sea for the first time since France felt great, a real sign that the end is in sight . We spent the afternoon on the beach, enjoying some cooler temperatures (35 degrees), before having an enormous all-you-can-eat chinese buffet finally rolling into our sleeping bags full and content.

One thought on “A Day on the Beach

  1. Hi boys you are getting closer have you all got a lovely tan ? (and very weary legs) poor old bikes they have really suffered with all your weight s you take now we love you Nana & Grandad xxxx

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