With only 25 miles to do today, we had a bit of a lie-in, abandoning our 5.30 start, instead waking at 8.00 and getting on the road for 9.00. We were straight back into the mountains as we made our way towards Algeciras, but the knowledge that today was the las day on the bikes made the miles fly by. We stopped after just 6 miles, at a café on top of a mountain, and looked out over the Straights of Gibraltar to Africa, only 15km away.

The descent to Algeciras was awesome, although I had to swerve hard at 35mph to avoid a pack of wild dogs which ran into the road! We had a short hop on the motorway to get around the bay to Gibraltar – something which seemed to be condoned by the police as we were spotted several times, perhaps as there’s no real alternate route.

We weren’t about to get to the finish without one final obstacle however: just as we were about to turn off the motorway, Lewy broke another spoke (making a total of four) making for a bit of a limp to the finish! We crossed the boarder well before midday, and the finishline for the guys – the target of the trip from Bordeaux reached. Apparently camping is banned in Gibraltar, so we managed to secure three beds in the only hostel going – so it’s going to be a comfortable few nights, but it’s still sad to know that the last campsites come and gone.

We spent the afternoon trying to track down some boxes to pack our bikes up for the journey back to the UK: the shop we’d contacted yesterday via the Internet had none, but the second shop we tried promised us one tomorrow and refered us to a Spanish shop over the boarder. After a bit of a walk we found it, and they gave us one and promised another tomorrow – so it looks like we won’t has to resort to building our own from scrap!

We spent the evening cooking a curry on the streets (whilst being mobbed by seagulls) before checking out a bit of Gibraltar’s night life (not great on a Tuesday). Nevertheless, it felt great to go out knowing that we don’t have to go back out on the bikes tomorrow – and the thought hostel beds waiting for us definitely helped us to relax as we began to reflect on the trip.




2 thoughts on “Finished

  1. Hi darling,
    Have been away for four days, and have had no internet available. So have just read the last three blogs back to back… makes exciting reading!! I am so thrilled that you all made it and that Lewey’s bike held up, even if it was by the skin of its teeth! Many many congratulations Ed, another massive achievement under your belt. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow, I am so excited! Love you Mum xxx

  2. Well done again to all of you! You have done so well and what a lot of memories you’re going to have from this.The motorway and wild dogs sounded scary!
    Sleep well and have a safe journey back
    .Love Chris and Gwyn

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