Some of you will remember me mentioning that I’d been up to the Cotswolds to discuss the Trans Am Bike Race with the guys at Qoroz last month. On the back of that discussion, I am delighted to announce that I will be joining Qoroz as a Brand Ambassador. They have agreed to provide me with a bike for training over the winter, before getting a custom frame made in time for me to take on America in June.

Collecting my training bike

Collecting my training bike

Qoroz is a subsidiary of parent company Aberilink Innovative Metrology LLP, and bring experience of precision engineering to the bike industry. I’m confident that their knowledge of designing custom titanium bikes will make them the perfect partner in tackling the Trans Am Bike Race. From their website:

We don’t manufacture one bike for one particular class of cycling, we simply design and make the best bike to suit your needs. All of our titanium frames come with a lifetime guarantee. This will be the last bike you’ll ever need to buy, don’t settle for second best.

I will be using a stock ‘Road Won’ over the coming months and will post my thoughts on it here — after I’ve had the chance to put a few thousand miles on it. More information on the Qoroz, the Road Won, and the other cyclists they support can be found here: http://www.qoroz.com/

Qoroz Road Won

Qoroz Road Won

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