Bike Stolen in Lyon

Some of you may have noticed that my satellite tracker stopped moving in Lyon as I attempted to ride between London and Rome. On Friday night I stopped at a hotel to escape some fairly torrential rainstorms, leaving my bike locked up in a secure car park only accessible to hotel guests (who had paid extra for the access code) and employees.

I was in my room for less than seven hours — between 11pm and 6am. In that time my bike was stolen. I have spent the last 24 hours dealing with the hotel and police in Lyon, but they have not managed to produce a result.

Not only did the thieves take my bike, they also stole all my equipment for the race. My frame bags, my sleeping equipment, etc. Absolutely everything. Some of my gear has taken me years to accumulate, modify, and test so that it performs exactly as I need it to — for it all to be taken away in one fell swoop is hard to take.

Going Forward 

Given that it is now less than a month until the start of the Trans Am Bike Race, the theft has placed me in an almost impossible situation. Financially it is going to be extremely difficult to replace all my equipment and get ready for the race, even if I can find the necessary gear at such short notice.

I feel that the thieves haven’t just taken my bike and equipment — they’ve taken away everything I’ve dreamed about and worked hard towards for the last year.

I’ll be posting updates on the blog as news becomes available / my plans evolve. Fallout from the last few days is still continuing and I’m sure things will change in the coming days.

29 thoughts on “Bike Stolen in Lyon

  1. Terrible news, Edward.
    Ideas: Your sponsor just might kick in another bike since no negligence on your part but was a criminal act. Have a Paypal setup for donations, have Nathan post it on TA homepage, order all new gear within the week and figure out how to pay for it later. If every rider would donate $50-$100 quid you’re there.

  2. Most definitely sucks man. I know it may not be ideal, but you can most likely scrap together something….I’d like to see you take a run at the Trans Am race.

  3. That’s terrible man. Been following your blog some months now, and this news makes me sad. Wish you all the best and i hope u can continue your dream with some new equipment!

  4. So, so pissed at this news. Can’t imagine how you must be feeling. Agree with ‘rocketman’, get on to ordering new gear, set up Paypal for donations, or, if you have adequate insurance cover and cash flow is a problem let people know what help you need. It won’t be perfect but you’ll get to the start line, and with a fair wind and your determination you’ll still get a good race.

    • For the record, where possible I do try to sleep with my bike — either in my hotel room or (more often) next to my bivy bag / attached to my tent. Unfortunately some hoteliers don’t understand the need to take a muddy and wet bike up to a room!

  5. Hi guys,

    Thanks so much for all your messages of support today — it’s really helped me to stay positive. I’ve had a huge setback at a terrible time, but I’m going to do my absolute best to get to the start in Astoria on June 7th. I’ve worked too hard to make this race happen to let it go without a fight!

    I’ll be posting news on the blog this week as things develop and will let you know as soon as I know what my plan of action will be.


  6. Ed, So sorry to hear this news but I have no doubt you will find a way to keep moving forward toward your goal, and I believe many (like us) would be willing to help if we can! Keep us posted! xo

  7. Due to the historical military background of your family, I’ve sent an email to the Museum of the Resistance in Lyon and requested they contact the media in order to get some publicity which will hopefully result in your bike and gear being returned.Have also done likewise in UK including Daily Mail,MP for Salisbury, Salisbury Journal and Sir Paddy Ashdown.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks so much for your help on this one — fingers crossed something will come of it. I definitely haven’t given up hope and am still going to try my best to make this race happen!


  8. Bad times! All the best for staying in the race. I would suggest getting hold of every company who supplies what you have lost and see if they will sponsor you. I was surprised with what companies were willing to give away on an expedition I did a few years ago. The bike will be hardest to replace, it looks like a beauty. Silly thing is who ever has it probably wont even know how to use most of the stuff! Hope you can do it. Good luck.

  9. Ed – Keep doing what you’re doing to get to Astoria and race the Trans Am. Back in 2010, my entire bike and kit were stolen from my own garage at home just 2 weeks before the Tour Divide grand depart. In the 2 weeks, I found a new bike and kit, and made the start, and then finished as well. I can relate. It’s hard and challenging and stressful enough to prepare for a these races without having to deal with stolen gear so close to the start. But, it will be so immensely satisfying and gratifying when you finish the Trans Am later this summer … and will make a fantastic story to boot. Get after it! People, community, friends, strangers … we are all here to help!

    • Hi Mike,

      Glad to know it can be done. Having a bike stolen is awful, but I’m determined to do everything I can to get to the start line. You’re right that reaching Yorktown after all of this is going to be twice as sweet!


  10. Hi Ed,

    Just heard your terrible news. I have a Porcelain Rocket under saddle bag you can borrow if necessary plus a couple of other bits and pieces. Maybe put up a list of what you need in due course and you may be able to source a lot of the on bike bits. Try and use it as even more motivation. Regards.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for your message and offer to loan me some of your gear. After a manic few days the fight back is well and truly on — when the race kicks off I’m certainly not going to be lacking in motivation after all the support from the cycling community this week.

      Tori of Apidura has kindly offered to donate a full set of new framebags, so I should be set in that department. Ironically, I’d replaced a lot of my camping gear for the race, so I’ll now be able to use a lot of the old stuff I have. Undoubtedly there will be bits I’ll need and I will definitely publish a list when I’ve had a chance to fully assess the situation — getting a bike together is the first priority.



  11. Hello pickupel,

    As a person living in Lyon, I feel deeply sorry to ear that some f*cktard stole your bicycle here. The link to this post has already been given around in the cycling community and I hope we will be able to help you find it. It’s an amazing bike and I’m quite sure that if anyone tries to cycle it in town, someone will see it.

    According to the information you gave in the post. I would suspect an employee of the hotel or maybe a client. Did they have any kind of security cam?

    Also, some details on the area of Lyon where the bicycle was stolen could help us narrowing down area to especially look for in the city.

    There is two major website for selling second hand bicycle in France which are and Some of us check them regularly, and such a bike will be noticed.

    On the same note, the french website dedicated to fixed gear has a stolen bike area where you could post so that more people in France are aware of it. I can also do it but I will require more information (location of the theft, details on the equipment, any specific marking…). You can post here :

    If I can help you in any way to deal with Police/hotel/whatever, feel free to contact me on my mail address.


    • Hi Pierre,

      I just saw your message — thank you so much for your help. Unfortunately the hotel didn’t have CCTV, so there’s no way to know exactly when it was taken. I was only away from the bike for seven hours and so I suspect that it was a hotel employee — they’d have had the time and opportunity, plus they would have known that I wouldn’t be coming back to the bike until the morning. It was stolen from the Residhotel LaMartine (11 Avenue Victor Hugo).

      Would you be able to post something on My French isn’t good enough to post anything coherent! The bike was a custom Qoroz titanium road disc, with full Ultegra components, Revelate Designs bags, a titanium seatpost and stem, PRO Vibe bars, and Syntace C3 aerobars. It blue handlebar tape, blue cable housing, and a blue Prologo Scratch saddle.

      Thanks again for your help.


  12. I have Wildcat gear seatpost bag, a lot of stuff from Alpkit (tarp, dry bags etc), good /synthetic/ sleeping bag and more and would borrow if required. Oxford based.

    PS As others said – setup donation and we will try to help you somehow. I’d be happy to do so.

    • Hi,

      Thanks so much for your king offer — it truly means a lot. I should be OK for most equipment given that I’d replaced a lot of my old kit for the race and now should be able to press it into service once again! Getting a new bike together is the first task, once I’ve accomplished that I’ll come up with a list of the gear I need and will post it here.

      Thanks again.


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