My name is Edward Pickup, and I am 19 years old. On the first of April 2010 I will be setting off on a 4300 mile cycle across the USA, from Yorktown, VA and the Atlantic to Astoria, OR and the pacific.

Why cycle across America?

I had never really panned on taking a gap year between finishing school and starting university, but the sudden death of my father from cancer in March 2009 made me reconsider – simply I was not in the frame of mind to start University, I needed the time off to re-evaluate.

Upon deciding to take a year off I started to think about how I would use the time – I had several ideas and talked them over with my friends / family etc. I eventually decided to go off with a friend to travel through south America for six months leaving in January.

Fast forward to November 2009 just two months before we were set to leave. With no warning the charity component of our trip – namely working in a school in Ecuador – fell through, ultimately causing the whole trip to brake down. Understandably this left me reeling – within 24 hours my plans for the rest of the year had fallen apart. I spent the following day doing a bit of broad googling – I decided that I would love to go off and do some kind of expedition (this came as little shock to those who know my family and in particular my Dad – who had often taken the whole family on various wild trips. Eg. When I was 7 we spent a while in the Malaysian rain forest!). I started looking at various well documented cycle routes such as the North Sea route and the Pacific Coast route but settled on the TransAmerica Trail as it had the most varied terrain and the most positive blogs (I found this blog by Andy particularly helpful). That evening I talked it through with my family and within 48 hours of my origional plans falling through I had booked my tickets to America!

I shall endeavor to keep this blog going as I inch my way across a continent and hope that my adventure will prove as entertaining as some of the blogs I read before deciding to start this epic journey.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Ed, It was a pleasure having you as a guest before the start of your great adventure. Maybe you are on the road right now as I write this!!!! Have a great trip and keep us posted on how things are going when you can. I’m living vicariously through you while you are on your journey. Maybe we will get to see you before you head home. You have our numbers. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help. We’ll be praying for an exciting and safe trip for you.

  2. Hey Ed, Have safe travel and we enjoyed the good conversation and Italian food. Will enjoy reading the blog. Your friends in Pittsburg, KS Todd McGeorge & Hermann Nonnenmacher

  3. Hi Ed

    What you are doing is tremendous! Just like your Dad. I had the pleasure for Richard, a.k.a. ‘Dick’, to be my ‘Boss’ when he commanded ‘The Fearless 2’ on entering the ‘Unit’. I was the Troop Sgt and the blokes always managed the tasks set by Dick, as he was a great ‘Boss’. A pleasure with whom to serve. As I’ve said Ed, what you are doing to raise funds for the SBSA is a “Winning Factor”, not only great for the Association, but something to be extremely proud of. I am positive, your Dad and family are!! Good on you Ed, from an extemely proud “Dual National”


    Chris ‘Broges’ Brogan

  4. Hi Ed, its Mark from Bramley in Leeds. Your mum sent me an e-mail with a link to your blog. I think what you are doing in the memory of your dad is fantastic and i will definately be making a donation. I have sent the e-mail from your mum to all Richards friends in Leeds so they can see what you are doing, keep up the hard work and i hope everything goes well, I will be reading your blog on a regular basis, best wishes, Mark.

  5. Hey Ed,

    Its Wes, the tour cyclist you met in Montana. I hope the rest of your trip went well and that you enjoyed your time here in the US.

    Good luck with all your future endeavors.


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