Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog.

This website serves a couple of functions. Firstly, it’s a space for me to document and share all the adventures I get up to — I’ve kept journals throughout most of my long rides and have posted them here so that readers everywhere can laugh at my mistakes and (hopefully) learn from my experiences. To that end, this is also a place where I’ll provide sporadic equipment and gear reviews of everything I’ve used over the years. Throughout the blog I’ll try and keep things light, entertaining, and interesting.

All the opinions posted here are my own — if you disagree / want to chat about them, just let me know. I’m happy to talk.


Ed_P_Portrait1I’m Ed Pickup, a 23 year-old adventure racer and long-distance cyclist. Just about anything that involves ridiculous hours in the saddle is the kind of event I want to be involved with.

I took my first slow, laborious, pedal strokes into distance cycling in 2010 when, with almost no experience and even less fitness, I decided to cycle across the USA. It was everything I could have ever wanted it to be: exhausting, testing, soul-destroying, elating, and, above all, a massive challenge. Over the course of around 50 days I cycled 4,300 miles and learned a phenomenal amount through trial and error. By the time I arrived in Astoria O.R. I was one of the youngest people (at 19) to ever cycle the Trans Am Trail solo and unsupported.

Since then I haven’t looked back — the following year I cycled over 4000 miles across Europe, from Nordkapp, northern Norway, to Tarifa, southern Spain — a journey that took me from the depths of the Arctic Circle to the 50C heat of the Mediterranean.

A year without a big ride in 2012 prompted an explosion of activity in 2013:

  • March: Cycled 700 miles from my home in Salisbury, UK to Montpellier in five days. This ride was made much more difficult by unseasonably cold weather. I had to deal with snow, ice, and temperatures down to -10C.
  • June: Cycled 2000 miles from Vancouver, BC to Minneapolis, MN in 14 days. A bit of an impromptu ride following my withdrawal from another event in Canada due to a knee injury. Not wanting to waste the flight I’d already booked from the UK, I decided on this route. As my knee improved, so did my daily distances — on the home straight I rode several double centuries (200 miles) and one triple (well over 300 miles).
  • August: Finished 4th in the inaugural Transcontinental race, from London to Istanbul, covering 2100 miles in 9days 16hrs.
Picture 2

My long rides to date

Competing in the Transcontinental was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve had — I pushed myself way further than I thought was possible and got to meet a great bunch of fellow adventure racers. Safe to say that I’ve well and truly caught the bug; preparation is already underway for another challenging race in 2014. Watch this space for more details…

Picture 1

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I love what your doing man, best of luck out there. I am new to biking(2nd year) and I am looking to start bike packing and touring. Question for you though, how do you finance your trips? Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jake,

      Glad you’re looking at getting into bike touring! I finance my trips by working hard, saving, then cutting costs as much as possible when on the road. While I was a student I worked almost full time (some very long days) to make sure I had enough to ride my bike during the summers.

      After graduating last year I’ve worked full time organising cycling events for a charity, leaving work right before travelling to the US for the Trans Am. I’m going to do a law degree starting in October, so I may have to scale back cycling plans next year accordingly.

      Good luck with your planning!

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