The route I will be taking follows the Transamerica Trail a route established in 1976 by the Adventure Cycling Association to celebrate America’s bicentennial. The trail reaches from Yorktown, VA in the East to Astoria, OR in the West. It is over 4,000 miles long and crosses 10 states in the process. When the route was devised, it was set up to take in the best historical, geographic, and cultural landmarks that the US has to offer. Grand parks along the TransAm include Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks: among the best in the United States.

As the above map shows the terrain is varied. Surprisingly the most climbing occurs in Virginia, where I will tackle the Appalachians. The highest point is Hoosier pass in Colorado. The terrain is fairly flat as I travel across the Great Plains and Kansas – although I hear that the winds can be a real nightmare to contend with.

2 thoughts on “Route

  1. Hi Ed
    What a pain mountains are, sounds like you are Billy Whizz on the flat. I would love to see one of those monster trains although waiting for one to pass I bet is annoying. Make sure you get plenty of rest this weekend. Lots of love G and H

  2. Ed,

    I have just learnt of your adventure and depending on my own travel commitments I will endeavour to try and join you somewhere along your route as I now live in the US.

    I had the pleasure to serve with your father, he was my Sqn Commander when I joined the service and he was my CO when I left. I can remember he shared with me many words of wisdom and encouragement along the way and was the embodiment of a SF Operator and Leader.

    Stay ‘square jawed’ as you make your way across the country!!



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