The Route

Over the summer of 2011 I plan to cycle from the Northernmost point in Europe to the Southernmost: from Nordkapp, Norway to Punta de Tarifa, a journey of around 4,300 miles. On the 13th of June I fly from London to Oslo, and then on to Alta – a small airport 140 miles south of Nordkapp. The following day I’ll catch a bus to the start line, and begin my adventure. From that point I’ll have 34 days to travel around 3000 miles south to Bordeaux in time to meet my friends on the 18th July – ready to start the second leg of the journey. That means keeping up a punishing average of around 90 miles a day, including days off and any dealing with any problems that arrive.

From Nordkapp I’ll hug the coast as I move south, visiting the famous Lofoten Islands, and traversing the costal ‘Route 17’. Island hopping done, I’ll cut inland at Trondheim, passing through several of Norway’s national parks – and past more that a couple fjords – as I make may way to the southern port of Kristiansand. Upon arrival in Denmark I’ll make a direct line for Bordeaux, where I’ll meet my friends for the second leg of the Journey. Barring any logistical epics meeting up in Bordeaux, we’ll then head south, through Spain to Gibraltar.

I’ll face a vast range of temperatures over the corse of this expedition, from the cold of the Arctic Circle to the extreme heat of Southern Spain in August, as well as mountains, costal roads and plains. So there should be enough to keep me entertained!

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